As a school, we encourage pupils at both GCSE and A Level to consider options for experiencing the world of work.  As part of their holidays many of the pupils engage with work experience to build up a portfolio of experience that can help contribute to their future career choices as well as their future applications for study and work.

Over the half term holiday, Lucie (Year 12) had work experience at St George's Park with The Professional Footballer's Association (PFA).
Please continue reading to find out more about her experience.

On the 23rd and 24th of May one of our students, Lucie, visited St George’s Park on some very exciting work experience, working alongside the PFA.

Whilst Lucie was away, she worked alongside PFA staff who have notable careers in football. All of which were ex-international players. Quite an array of names!! She also met some of the current England players as well as Gareth Southgate as both the Senior England men’s team and the Lionesses where there training.


Lucie helped to run a coaching course for ex-professionals coming into coaching. Whilst also interviewing two goalkeepers and was able to better understand the mindset needed to succeed, as well as the psychological effects of injuries, fans and social media. Lucie found it very interesting to be able to chat first hand and start to understand the importance of psychological support.  This is beneficial because after school Lucie would like to follow on and study Sport and Exercise Psychology at Loughborough University, in sight of pursuing a career in sport psychology with elite athletes.  


At St George's they have the most amazing rehab facilities that provide support for professional players. The PFA sponsors and pays for 6 players per week to receive this residential treatment. They also offer both ex and current players support with things such as alcohol and gambling addiction. What Lucie found so interesting is the PFA are now looking into rolling out more support into academies. They will provide psychology training for coaches, managers and staff, with a view to ensuring that the players are not just looked after physically but they are also preparing them psychologically too. They want their minds to be looked after as much as their bodies.


The interview that Lucie carried out was with two goal keepers, one a retired professional keeper who has unfortunately retired due to injury, he played for Blackburn Rovers and Mansfield Town. The other was a Bolton Scholar that did not receive a contract. She found the two extremes enlightening. The focus of her interview was around why they have now gone into coaching together with an understanding of the psychological pressures of goalkeeping. Lucie found herself feeling very blessed to have such an amazing experience that is helping to develop her future in sports psychology. 


This was an experience of a lifetime not only did Lucie get to see professionals in a different light but also work alongside them.  A great opportunity to also get a peak of both the men’s and women’s England teams training! The experience has been outstanding and like no other. Lucie feels as though it has set her in good stead for the future whilst feeling even more focus to succeed.

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