On 23rd January, Gwyn (Year 11), Oscar (Year 10), Catrin (Year 9) and Naz (Year 9) took part in the annual Top of the Bench chemistry competition held in the chemistry department of Bangor University and sponsored by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

The four pupils were challenged with a range of chemistry-related questions on topics such as acids and alkalis, atomic structure and industrial uses of chemistry. Around half of the questions were for the two Year 9s to answer only and were particularly challenging, yet left the two unfazed.

This year’s competition was probably the most exciting yet to be experienced by St Gerard’s pupils due to a nail-biting finish. The team managed to secure 2nd place, only missing 1st place by a tiny margin, due to the hard work put in by themselves and the excellent teaching they received from Mrs N. David.

The pupils would like to thank Mrs N. David for preparing them for the competition, and the chemistry department of Bangor University and Dr Murphy for hosting the competition and providing them with such a memorable experience.

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