It was an eventful last day of term with a series of Easter egg hunts scheduled for all years throughout both the junior and senior school.

Starting in the morning with our junior school and after multiple visits from the Easter bunny the hunts ended at lunchtime.  A busy term is summed up best by our editorial in our student newsletter, The Big Picture.

"So another term draws to an end, the weather's cheering up, the days are longer and crowds of daffodils have popped up to cheer on the yearly Easter egg hunt, which many pupils, after limbering up and making tactical plans, eagerly await (It's serious business after all!).  Although I'm sure it will be a mere appetiser compared to the chocolate consumption of the holiday ...
Once again we've had a successful few weeks of fundraising, our goal is now in grasping reach, thanks to everyone's generosity and goodwill.  There has also been a showering of sporting successes, all of which the entire school can be very proud of.  Meanwhile, masterpieces have bloomed within the art room as the GCSE art exams have taken place, painting as fast as they Van Gogh Gogh Gogh.
It's fair to say we've all pushed hard this term and the reward for such perseverance is finally on the horizon!  So although exams are dawning and revision probably piling up, it's time to reflect on what you've accomplished this term." - Rhiannon (Year 13)

Thank you Rhiannon and best wishes to all for a happy and safe Easter holiday.


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