Our Junior School has a series of after school and lunch clubs for different age groups. These include basketball, netball, hockey, music, swimming, cricket, STEM club, movie maker and art.

This year our clubs include:

Art Clubrun by Mrs. Bonner and Mrs. Frick, the art club develops the pupils creative skills while exploring different materials and themes.  Increasing their visual communication complements various subjects within the curriculum.

STEM Clubrun by Mrs. Pritchard and Mrs. Lindoe, the science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) club hosts speakers from different scientific and university communities and develops individual thinking skills.

Movie Making Clubrun by Mr. Hockin, the movie making club expands on pupils growing knowledge of computer technology to develop their own narratives.  This club aligns with curriculum subjects like: English, drama, languages, art and ICT.

Pupils sign up for individual clubs at the beginning of each term.


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